Thursday, November 17, 2011

My New Find

Hi there. Welcome to my new followers. I am so excited. Ok, so today's blog really has nothing to do with my sewing or is really about my love for all things electronic. I have an iPhone, and for those of you that know about the iPhone, you have to buy all your cool ringtones, etc. Well, today while I was doing some research on how to enhance my photos in photoshop, I ran across a youtube video on how to get ringtones for the Android and iPhone based phones. I was super excited about this because $1.29 per ringtone gets a little ridiculous if you are like me and want a different ringtone for most of your contacts.

If you are interested, you can click here for the video. It is quite cool. I tried it and it works!! You basically just use the songs you have on your computer and create your own ringtone. You choose the part of the song you want. It is super easy to use. The actual website can be found here. I hope this will be of some use to you. I loved finding new things, esp FREE things. =)

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